BC BioEnergy Network

The BC Bioenergy network was established in April 2008 with a $25-million grant from the BC government. The BC Bioenergy Network acts as a catalyst and support network for deploying near-term bioenergy technologies and organizing dedicated and goal-oriented research for new bioenergy technologies. The primary focus is to help BC emerge as a leader in bioenergy and alternative energy research and technology. This goal is in line with the goal that GreenAngel Energy holds for commercializing new green technologies and alternative energy sources.

The recent announcement that the BC Bioenergy Network and Elemental Energy have contributed $1.5M to the Catalyst Paper Mill’s Microsludge® project demonstrates a good fit. Since BC holds one of the most forested areas globally and is a leader in biomass to value-added wood products, we are well positioned to be a major global player in the bioenergy sector.

Stockwell Day calls the partnership “win-win-win”, for the environment, the economy, and B.C.’s weakened forest industry. With Paradigm’s Microsludge Technology, the production of bioenergy from waste promises to revolutionize BC’s Pulp and Paper industry.

For more information on the BC Bioenergy Network: http://www.bcbioenergy.com/