About Catalyst Mill

View Catalyst Crofton Pulp and Paper Mill in a larger map

The above map shows the site of the pilot project that will be using a fully automated and transportable demonstration plant and a MicroSludge unit. The goal is to reduce the mill’s waste-water by 50% while creating energy. A quick zoomout will show that this Catalyst pulp and paper mill is located about an hour’s drive North of Victoria, BC.

The Catalyst Mill is an integrated paper and pulp manufacturing division with three paper machines and two pulp machines. Major products include newsprint, directory paper and kraft pulp, which is used to manufacture printing, writing and tissue papers.

Waste Activate Sludge (WAS) is generated as a by-product of the mill’s production. At present this WAS is treated as a waste product to be incinerated or sent to a land fill. With the proper technology, WAS can have economic and environmental value. It is a potential source of both renewable energy (biogas) and fertilizer that can reduce a mill’s operating costs and lower its carbon footprint.

Paradigm Environmental Technologies (a GreenAngel Energy investee company) has partnered with Catalyst Paper, The Government, Elemental Energy, and The BC Bioenergy Network to trial this exciting and revolutionizing project. Using MicroSludge technology, the mill will turn WAS into biogas which can be used as a renewable energy source. Since this project is of great value to the BC Government, Stockwell Day, BC Member of Parliament, personally introduced the partnership.

Following the Crofton demonstration, the transportable plant will be moved to other pulp mills for further trials. Catalyst Paper manufactures diverse specialty printing papers, newsprint, and pulp.