GreenAngel Energy Corp. in the News

June 2, 2014


June 1, 2014

Georgia Straight Angel InvestingMay 23, 2014

The Georgia Straight

Michael Volker Discusses Equity Crowd Funding on GEEK SPEAK

Vancouver Sun Angel InvestingMarch 29, 2014

The Vancouver Sun

GreenAngel presents PowerHaus at GLOBE2014

Financial Profiles CEO Link
March 9, 2012

Financial Profiles

GAE’s Unique Investment Opportunity

Business In Vancouver LogoFebruary 20th, 2012

Business In Vancouver Profile

Mike Volker Featured in BIV

Toronto Star Features dPoint TechnologiesJanuary 13, 2012

The Toronto Star

Major Developer Uses dPoint Membranes

BCBusiness Features REV TechnolgoesJanuary 3, 2012

BC Business Magazine

REV – Vehicle to Grid Makes Impact


The Vancouver Courier logoJune 24, 2011

The Vancouver Courier

Gov’t Unveils Car Charging Stations

Globe Advisor Features Angel InvestingJune 2, 2011

The Globe and Mail Advisor

All VCs Died and Went to Heaven

Vancouver Sun Angel InvestingMay 5, 2011

Vancouver Sun

VanTech Angel Network Pitches

Connect Features Bob de WitApril 6, 2011

BCIC Connect

Q&A with Bob de Wit, New Ventures BC

Image of Cantech Letter logoFebruary 26, 2011

Cantech Letter

Interview with GAE CEO Bob de Wit

Globe Advisor Features Super AngelsNovember 24, 2010

The Globe and Mail Advisor

Mike Volker: “Super Angel”

Clean Technology Business Review LogoOctober 20, 2010

Clean Technology Business Review

DPoint Wins Big Supply Contract

New Energy World Network LogoMarch 18, 2010

New Energy World Network

GAE Investees raise $6M




Image of Globe and Mail Logo and article headlineJune 11, 2010

The Globe and Mail

Get in early, and get personal




March 2011 – Projecting Change Film Festival with Habitat Enterprises

August 2010 – Business in Vancouver, Profile Bruce Schmidt, CFO GAE

June 2010 – Tech Vibes GAE Mention with REV Technologies

January 2010 – Business in Vancouver, Profile Michael Volker (PDF)

January 2010 РExpos̩ of New and Exciting Tech Investment Opportunities