GreenAngel Chairman’s Update April 16, 2013

Dear Investor,

We are proud to announce PowerHaus, the name of a new program that’s being launched by GreenAngel Energy in collaboration with Simon Fraser University and the National Research Council’s IRAP program.

This program will select emerging cleantech ventures on a competitive basis to provide them with capital, coaching, and management expertise to energize them to successfully commercialize their technologies.

In B.C., there is a healthy “deal flow” – i.e. promising ventures looking for talent and investors to help them grow. GreenAngel will provide capital from GTV (VCC) Inc, a private angel fund that we manage alongside other private investors. We believe that while mentoring and coaching can contribute to success, the real key to building sound companies is to recruit an experienced management team.

Last year, we acquired an 8.9% founders’ interest in Mazza Innovation Ltd, a phytochemical extraction company based in Summerland, BC, by providing management and corporate finance services. The Mazza experience served as a model in the formulation of the new PowerHaus strategy.

We’d like to hear from investors, mentors, and seasoned managers who’d like to participate in PowerHaus to build better cleantech companies and accelerate their growth.

Please note June 4th (10:00 am) as the date for our Annual General Meeting to be held at the SFU Harbour Centre campus. This is an excellent opportunity to meet some of our companies and discover more about PowerHaus.


Mike Volker, Chairman