DPoint Involved in Large-Scale Green Building Developments

Vancouver, BC, January 23, 2012 — GreenAngel Energy Corp (“GreenAngel”) (TSX-V: GAE) reports that investee company dPoint Technologies Inc. (“dPoint” www.dpoint.ca) is working with Toronto-based, non-profit green building technology consultants, “Tower Labs” to supply air exchange membranes to Tridel, a major residential tower developer in Ontario.

Jamie James, founder of Tower Labs originally developed the concept of connecting green technology companies with real estate developers as the sustainability adviser to the Canadian condo developer, Tridel. TowerLabs acts to facilitate relationships and helps to get the green technology installed, measuring performance in both real-world and test scenarios. “Showing proof of concept through real-live demos can help build adoption for future projects and multiple developers,” says James.

DPoint’s membrane core is proving to perform significantly better with regards to comfort and maintenance than the incumbent technology, currently specified for air exchange membranes used in recent green residential condos. The key to dPoint’s technology is the ability to incorporate ERV technology (energy recovery ventilation, meaning that humidity is being transferred along with heat) into multiple configurations, including systems installed in the vertical fan coils used by developers for heating and cooling. These new integrated coils increase space efficiency for developers using individually ventilated units, allowing for interior layout benefits.

“Seeing dPoint’s technology being used in Tridel developments is a big win for shareholders of GreenAngel Energy as it demonstrates that the dPoint membrane is on the cutting edge, and is preferred by a major developer.” says Mike Volker, Chairman of GreenAngel Energy.

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About GreenAngel Energy

GreenAngel Energy Corp. is the first publicly traded company that invests solely in emerging private green technology companies. We provide an avenue for public investors to gain access to a portfolio of the most promising angel-stage investments across a spectrum of green technology sectors. Our focus is commercializing new technologies that produce renewable energy, improve energy efficiency, or use renewable energy resources such as water, wind and solar. We also work with companies that deploy or manage technologies and processes that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In addition to providing strategic capital to investee companies, GreenAngel also mentors and advises investees to help ensure these companies achieve commercial success. The firms include Delaware Power Systems, Light-Based Technologies, Habitat Carbon Assets, Rapid Electric Vehicles, DPoint Technologies, and Paradigm Environmental Technologies.

About dPoint Technologies

DPoint develops and supplies heat and humidity exchangers for Fuel Cell Systems and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) used in HVAC units. Humidifiers are critical to fuel cell performance and reliability, and except for the stack, are currently one of the most expensive components in the fuel cell engine. Prior to the adaptation of DPoint’s heat and humidity exchanger technology, ERV cores were not meeting building industry targets for energy efficiency and cost-savings. DPoint’s patented technology is designed to be easily manufactured using low-cost materials. (www.dpoint.ca)

About Tower Labs

TowerLabs@MaRS is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of green building systems and technologies through pilot and demonstration projects. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of products and technologies that will reduce the environmental impact of buildings while helping green businesses find the customers they need for rapid and sustained growth.

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