James Dean | CEO

dPoint Technologies
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dPoint Technologies is a high growth “clean tech” company focused on the development, manufacturing and selling of membrane materials and heat & humidity exchangers that improve the energy efficiency, health, and comfort of buildings. dPoint is based in Vancouver, British Columbia with many of the major global HVAC OEMs as customers (Honeywell, Goodman, Zehnder, Micrometl, Valent and Aldes). dPoint has supplied more than 20,000 ERV cores and approximately 300,000m2 of membrane over the past 3 years with customers in North America, Europe, China and India.

Buildings require mechanical ventilation systems to provide fresh air and exhaust stale contaminated air. This process results in significant energy consumption from heat and humidity lost in the winter and cooling and dehumidification required in the summer. dPoint’s ERV technology recovers 70% of the thermal energy and 40% of the latent energy (humidity) lost from building ventilation systems. This is achieved by recovering the heat and humidity between the outgoing to the incoming airstream across dPoint’s patent pending polymer membrane and ERV exchanger.

The dPoint ERV technology has many superior features including 0% cross contamination, highly reliable with no moving parts and hygienic, being mold and bacteria resistant and water washable.

dPoint have developed and is preparing to commercialize next generation membranes and ERV exchanger technology that has the highest energy recovery efficiency globally. dPoint has 4 patents granted and another 17 patents pending.

Building Codes are beginning to mandate energy recovery which is driving the rapid adoption of ERV products and dPoint growth . In the US, the states have been mandated to adopt ASHRAE 90.1-2010 by October 2015 requiring a minimum of 50% total energy recovery efficiency in HVAC systems. In Ontario, the Building Code was changed in January 2012 where use of ERVs by high-rise residential developers was one of the easiest ways to meet the new code and resulted in dPoint shipping over 10,000 ERV cores to the Toronto market.

dPoint was recently recognized as the 60th fastest growing companies in Canada by Profit Magazine, recipient of the 2013 Best New Exporter in BC, finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and one of the Top 15 Clean tech companies by Deloitte.