Joel Atwater, P.Eng. | Co-Founder

HydroRun Technologies Ltd.

The HydroKite™ is a new concept in renewable hydroelectricity production from HydroRun Technologies Ltd. The HydroKite™ provides affordable, base-load, green electricity from the natural, unaltered flow of rivers. The HydroKite™ is a modular, scalable system that can be easily transported to, and installed in suitable river reaches to meet grid-connected or off-grid demands.

The modular nature of HydroKite™ makes it an ideal platform for a wide scale of projects from individual units to IPP clusters. A 1 km stretch of river can easily accommodate a 1MW project at a capital cost of $4/W and availability that is 3-4 times higher than typical photovoltaic and wind installations. The average cost of electricity from such HydroKite™ projects is significantly below the average price of grid electricity in North America (12¢/kWh), offering substantial financial returns to individuals (net-metering) and IPPs alike.

The HydroKite™ has on-board guidance and monitoring systems. This allows the HydroKite™ to optimize its operations for maximum power production. However, whenever the system detects other objects in the river, such as logs floating below the surface or recreational boating or fish, the on-board system steers the unit away from any potential collision.

The HydroKite™ protects the environment by design. Given our objective to harness energy as economically as possible from a river, we place HydroKite™ units where the stream flow is strongest. In contrast, fish, such as salmon, like to swim where the stream flows are weaker. This happy coincidence leads our units to have no impact on fish and fishing activities. Finally, by avoiding any change in the natural flow of the stream or extensive structures on the streambed, we ensure that spawning grounds and the ecology of the river are unaltered.

Our ethos at HydroRun is to use engineering innovation to deliver economic, social and environmental sustainability. Through excellence in hydrokinetic design, robotics and manufacturing we have developed a solution that generates electricity at a grid competitive price while protecting the natural beauty of rivers, fish habitats and other river uses.

HydroRun Technologies Ltd. is a BC owned and operated company, with offices in Vancouver and Burnaby.