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Ian Kent | Founder & CEO

Nomad Micro Homes

NOMAD Micro Homes manufactures and sells affordable and sustainable housing solutions to individuals, institutions, and corporations worldwide. A year of research and engineering produced the NOMAD Micro Home, a groundbreaking 10’ x 10’ home that maximizes efficiency with style. Living room, kitchen, bathroom, stair, bedroom, and storage are all seamlessly integrated: a stair doubles as a kitchen, a window adds light to one area and a higher ceiling to another, a bathroom doubles as a shower, storage can be used as seating, and so on. Each design element is essential to NOMAD's livability.

NOMAD can be easily shipped worldwide in a standard 20' container and home-assembled by a handyman with the guidance of user-friendly PDF and video instruction. It is also designed to be modular; a number of units can fit together either as interconnected contiguous living space or side-by-side townhouses.

NOMAD Micro Homes will focus on sales to the following individuals and commercial clients:

  • Single-family home owners
  • Recreational property owners
  • Post-disaster relief
  • Affordable housing solutions
  • Student housing
  • Multi-family developments
  • Eco resorts
  • Temporary housing
  • Remote Industry