green tech

Mike Porter | CEO

Reforus Wood Systems Inc.

Reforus is a private company from Vancouver BC specializing in state of the art building technologies. For the past 7 years Reforus has focused on creating high performance composite panels from timber considered worthless by loggers, mill owners, and developers. The founders of Reforus have over 40 years of “hands on” project development in the building industry. This experience has led to the creation of the BuildPanel building platform which dramatically reduces the costs of labour, materials, and project management.

The BuildPanel platform allows for high quality temporary to permanent structures to be clicked together in hours using un-skilled labour. BuildPanel is a truly modular system where structures can be assembled, modified, and disassembled by changing components. The BuildPanel system is often referred to as “Life size Lego”.

By utilizing waste stream timber and eliminating many of the costs associated with traditional building methods Reforus has developed a platform that can be used world-wide. BuildPanel structures have the durability and finish that consumers throughout North America desire, while being affordable to people around the world making $2 - $3 a day.