PowerHaus Technology Ventures (VCC) Inc.

A Unique Angel Fund that Provides a 30% B.C. Refundable Tax Credit

GreenAngel Energy Corp. (now TIMIA Capital Corp) was instrumental in establishing PowerHaus Technology Ventures (VCC) Inc, a tax-advantaged VCC Corporation to invest in the most promising technology start-up companies.

Shares in PowerHaus Technology Ventures (VCC) Inc are available to accredited investors and other subscribers that can rely on a prospectus exemption.

Shares in this Angel Fund are offered at $10.00 per share. Shareholders resident in British Columbia receive a fully refundable tax credit applied to investments of up to $200,000 per individual.


· 30% refundable tax credit
· RRSP eligible (along with provincial credit – up to 75% back immediately)
· Tax credits for the 2015 tax year
· Focused on early-stage tech companies
· Managed by GreenAngel Energy Corp. (less than 1% management fees)
· For accredited angel investors
· Advisory/Board/Management participation encouraged
· Minimum 1,000 shares

Launched in 2013 by GreenAngel Energy Corp. and other organizations, including the National Research Council Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, PowerHaus Technology Ventures (an extension of the VANTEC Network) selects and assists in funding and growing emerging small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The mandate is to deploy SME solutions to companies in primary industries for improvements in productivity, efficiency and/or sustainability.

PowerHaus Technology Ventures provides up to $100,000 in seed funding alongside other direct investors, providing approximately $500,000 in equity capital to qualifying companies. Companies must also be an Eligible Business Corporation under the Government of British Columbia’s Investment Tax Credit Program.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at info@greenangelenergy.ca


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